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Youth Leadership Program



There are many models of youth leadership program e.g. Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge, Servant leadership, Service Leadership,  etc.,  It does not matter which framework or model is better than the other. What is important for us is to Start with Why?

“Why do we need leadership in the first place?”

Through Castles Can Fly Youth Leadership program, our emphasis is to first start discussion with “Why?” This key point is central throughout the program as it make us focus before we get distracted with the  “what” and the “how” of leadership. e.g. vision, competencies, skillsets, integrity, communication, inter-personal relationship etc.,

Some of the answers could be:
  • We need to bring chaos to order
  • The people are asking to be led
  • Without leadership, we will not get anywhere etc.,

Through our unique experiential program which comes with many varying exciting scenarios and real-life simulation for the purpose of bringing out the importance of “Why do we need leadership?”


Leadership cannot exist as a stand-alone learning experience by itself.  It has to be in context of the school or youth organization’s vision, mission and values, immediate environment and a possible cause of creating a better world in the future.

Without the context of leadership, there will be a lack of the human dimension in which leadership forms the core purpose.  For example, in the early days of the mission school, the context is service; in the pioneering immigrants schools/organization, it could be to create awareness of our roots;  in others it could be academic scholarship, where many alumni are already distinguish academic leaders etc.,


All experiential education programs must come with a real life application so as to allow the Youth to learn the real intricacies of leadership e.g. challenges, developing new skillsets and competencies, awareness of vulnerabilities, risking taking, dealing with unknowns, etc.,

Only through real life experience of bringing chaos to order, dealing with different types of behavior and relationship, overcoming challenges etc., then can only leadership be learnt.

Examples of Castles Can Fly Youth Leadership programs past customers:
  • Pre-U Seminar 2008
  • Co-curriculum Activities leadership program
  • School ambassadors/Peers leaders/Prefects/Sports group leaders
  • Value-In-Action Projects
  • Asean schools Conference
  • Youth Exchange program
  • And many others

Our Experiential Learning Programs:

Castles Can Fly Outdoor program

Original Creator of Sandcastles Team Building programs

Using our own Castle Beach site, this signature program uses the outdoor beach environment for the participants to build memorable sand structures.  The lessons of leadership will be related to very specific youth leadership learning objectives.

The complete program comes with Inspiration Talk, Lessons from the Sands and World Café for discussion about Youth Leadership

Castles Can Fly Indoor Programs

Future World

Using the successful Outdoor Castles Can Fly program, instead of using sand as raw material we are now using all other forms, e.g. carton boards, lego etc., to create the same magic.

The Alchemist

Following the successful book by Paulo Coelho, the learning experience will allow the leaders to relate their own authentic journey and life’s quest.

Special Note

Unique Customised Programs

All our programs are created as a result of requests from our corporate customer. As such, besides our regular feature programs, we look forward to co-creating unique learning events for your leaders.


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