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Youth Development Program

The challenges of youth today are unlike anything the adults have experienced before;

Constant distraction via mobile phones, overloading of information through social media, rapid changes due to globalization and technological changes, trying very hard to enjoy growing years during their school years are just some of these challenges.

Our youth development programs are designed to provide opportunities of learning engagement to prepare the future workforce. Great effort and time will be employed to ensure higher customization to be aligned with the schools values and mission.

A few words to describe Castles Can Fly’s Youth Leadership Program.



One of the key challenges of youth development is the constant awareness of the changes in themselves and others around them.  During these often difficult times, the youth will go through a series of topsy-turvy cycles.  This stage is what we term as “pupae” stage, as in the butterfly life cycle i.e. no longer a child, yet, not a full grown young adult.

Through Castles Can Fly Youth development program, our emphasis is to for active participation and involvement, which will bring about the importance of the building process, e.g. building character, building values, building the attitude of lifelong learning etc.,

It is through these intense experiential learning modules with real life application, that one begins to understand how everything can be brought together so as to prepare themselves for the future workforce.

It is also through this mass collective activity that they can experience the importance of resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude, which will complement the formal academic curriculum.


In the world of information overdrive and rapid technological acceleration, it is not uncommon for the youth to be lost. One of the outcomes from this modern day condition is the rise of over-reliance on gadgets as a lifestyle habit, which is also prominent with adults, not just the youth.

Castles Can Fly’s Experiential Learning model’s main focus is to organize activities that simulates real life challenges and creates opportunities for the youth to experience the whole process so as to make sense of their formal education.  The endpoint is the skillful facilitations with the youth by relating their actual behavior and actions in the whole exercise and pointing key learning moments.

Many of real life lessons will be brought forward so that the youth can make sense in their own small groups or individuals. Examples: School’s vision, mission, values, attitudes, mindsets etc.,


Most of the actual learning from all experiential education programs usually comes after the program; e.g. the enlightenment and the “aha!” moments etc.,

Due to the wide range of different maturity level and social groups of youth, the call to action will need to be highly customized for both individuals and small groups. E.g. highly motivated academic achievers, special needs, “Lost” tribes that requires lots of motivation, Students at risk, etc.,

Another key feature the realization of working as individual versus working in small groups/teams, e.g. study cell groups to achieve academic improvement, social community groups to address social causes etc.,

Whatever their types and needs, the call of action framework remains applicable in the sense that the youth begin to apply this lessons e.g. major exams, school project works, community engagement projects etc.,

 Examples of Castles Can Fly Youth Leadership programs past customers:
  • Pre-U Seminar 2008
  • Co-curriculum Activities leadership program
  • School ambassadors/Peers leaders/Prefects/Sports group leaders
  • Value-In-Action Projects
  • Asean schools Conference
  • Youth Exchange program
  • And many others

Our Experiential Learning Programs:

Castles Can Fly Outdoor program

Original Creator of Sandcastles Team Building programs

Using our own Castle Beach site, this signature program uses the outdoor beach environment for the participants to build memorable sand structures.  The lessons of leadership will be related to very specific youth leadership learning objectives.

The complete program comes with Inspiration Talk, Lessons from the Sands and World café for discuss centered around Youth Leadership

Castles Can Fly Indoor Programs

Future World

Using the successful Outdoor Castle Can Fly program, instead of using sand as raw material we are now using all other forms, e.g. carton boards, lego etc., to create the same magic.

The Alchemist

Following the successful book by Paulo Coelho, the learning experience will allow the leaders to relate their own authentic journey and life’s quest.


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