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Everything in the events starts and ends with focus on the purpose.  Some of the common purpose could Celebration of anniversary, Start of the year kickoff, Mid-term rally call, Final sprint, Family Day, Charity Drive and many others.  It is also a chance for senior management to address the audience the current state and the near future plans. In addition, it is always a memorable experience for a large group photo-taking in front of a large sand sculpture centerpiece.



Equally important to purpose is the ability to translate into meaningful activities. All events will be memorable when the participants are able to relate the activity with the central purpose. E.g.

  • Building Company by having a large group of staff building large sand-sculptures together
  • Connecting with customers relates with connecting their sandcastles to form as one
  • Making of Great companies can be translated from making of great movies

The aim here is to go away from having mindless fun to having mindful yet light activities that respects and reflects the participant’s intellect.


It is always a challenge to get maximum engagement of all participants especially in large group setting.  So, the planning and execution of the event must be such that encourages and prevent any down-time of non-participating members, unless the purpose is to encourage all to be down-time.

Examples, to provide plans for lots of options of task and activities such that all different temperament and interest of the participants are taken in to considerations, different phases of the activities will require different skillsets and contribution, allowing some flexibility and options such that encourages engagement  spontaneously on the ground.

Since 1993, we have experience to provide many exciting options and templates to fulfill the above requirements.

Our Events

South East CDC Sand City, 2005-2010

Castles Can Fly Outdoor program

  • Original Creator of Sandcastles Using our own Castle Beach site and other suitable beach site, this signature event program uses the outdoor beach environment for the participants to build memorable sand structures.

Castles Can Fly Indoor Programs

  • Future World Using the successful Outdoor Castle Can Fly program, instead of using sand as raw material we are now using all other forms, e.g. carton boards, lego etc., to create the same magic.
  • Fun with Colorful People After an authentic enlightening experience, the program will be able to show the different personality traits; with application for communication, team work etc.,
  • The Alchemist Following the successful book by Paulo Coelho, the learning experience will allow the leaders to relate their own authentic journey and life’s quest.
  • Lights!! Camera !! Action!! Using the magic of Movie making to relate the importance of building magic in to workplace



All our programs are created as a result of requests from our corporate customer.

As such, besides our regular feature programs, we look forward to co-creating unique learning events for your leaders, so as to ensure inspirational, authentic and call to action experience.


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