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Corporate Executive Program

The key challenges of most organization are the ability to translate important current state of affairs and setting new direction in the face of rapid changes due to globalization and technological advancement.  Our ranges of corporate executive programs are designed to provide a keener sense of awareness and mindset for this purposefreemoviexxx.

A few words to describe Castles Can Fly’s Corporate Executive Program.


Our attitude towards our corporate executive programs is that each individual has a large mental capacity to absorb and learn besides having a good time. We are able to create exciting and relevant programs that will befit the organization current challenges and allow the individual creativity and participative inputs to have greater freedom of expression and involvement.

Going beyond mere adrenaline rush and mindless-ness, our greatest value is the attitude of mindfulness, relevant and exciting scenarios and skillful facilitation of learning that will create lasting impact for the executives.

Unlike leadership programs, where the participants are of certain level of intelligence and responsibilities, the program for the executives are created and conducted as such that all can adopt the attitude of mindfully engaged and involved in the creation of betterment for the organization.

In other words, all executives can be mindfully engaged, without waiting for the leaders.


Whether it is a small group or a large mass of people, all our programs are designed to ensure all are engaged through different roles and participant levels at the same time.  As time and resources are very limited, we take great effort to create more options of engagement and participation without compromising on quality and learning objectives.

Our believe comes from that all would want to have a productive and relevant experience, , so the responsibilities lies in us to create that environment of total engagement with lots of props, facilitators while in a very short time.

In other words, all our programs are engineered for success, nothing is left to chance.

Our Experiential Learning Programs:

Castles Can Fly Outdoor program

Original Creator of Sandcastles Team Building programs

Using our own Castle Beach site, this signature program uses the outdoor beach environment for the participants to build memorable sand structures.  The lessons of leadership will be related to very specific corporate objectives.

Castles Can Fly Indoor Programs

Future World

Using the successful Outdoor Castle Can Fly program, instead of using sand as raw material we are now using all other forms, e.g. carton boards, lego etc., to create the same magic.

Fun with Colorful People

After an authentic enlightening experience, the program will be able to show the different personality traits; with application for communication, team work etc.,

The Alchemist

Following the successful book by Paulo Coelho, the learning experience will allow the leaders to relate their own authentic journey and life’s quest.

Lights!! Camera !! Action!!

Using the magic of Movie making to relate the importance of building magic in to workplace


All our programs are created as a result of requests from our corporate customer.  As such, besides our regular feature programs, we look forward to co-creating unique learning events for your leaders.


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