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Registration No: 200501234D


Castle Beach, as a social enterprise, was conceived in 2004 with the passion of sharing the joys of family bonding through sandcastle building. It was further developed to include the less fortunate, the less privilege and the physically handicapped. This passion kept growing through the dedicated volunteers, enlightened parents and many other who shared similar beliefs about learning through outdoor play in a family setting.

Opening Hours :
Saturdays & Sundays – 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm
(no registration required)


Through organized programs and public workshops, our main purpose is to create higher awareness of learning through play.  Simple, yet poignant, life lessons can be easily translated from the sandcastle building experience within a small family or social groups.

By creating an outdoor environment where learning through play is respectable, Castle Beach provides an informal setting where the beauty of sandcastles are highly appreciated and a heightened sense of mindfulness prevail.

The true magic of the place, besides expert skilled volunteers, is the great outdoors and like-minded families.


Over the years, Castle Beach became a well-kept secret as a sought after destination for small families groups to gather and connect with each other.  In that little corner of a busy city, it provides a temporary escape to connect with nature, with each other and quite often like-minded strangers at the beach.

As a form of therapy through bodily experience with the sand, sea and sun, our main primary focus is to encourage children to minimize addiction to electronic devices by getting them to experience hands on activities.  At the same time, we also encourage adults to be present by immersing themselves with the activities with their own children.

The immense benefits of connecting with each other during this experience cannot be underestimated.

Castle Beach – Products & Services

castle beach products and services


Castle Beach Social Programs

Besides Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWO), Castle Beach also provides social programs for the general public, who understands our social enterprise’s mission of experiential learning in an outdoor beach environment e.g. families, singles, volunteers, children and other special interest groups.

We will be very happy to provide more details upon request.


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