Very fresh approach and interesting. Definitely, it has made the team spirit stronger both in and out of the office.

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The Business Times - Building Castles, Strenthening Ties

Sandcastle activity has been well-received by schools and government bodies, as well as private companies. Building castles in the air, that's surely what people must have thought or said to him, when people must have thought or said to him, when he quit his top management job to pursue his dream of bringing the tool kit to the market. Mr Lee has now come full circle back to castles in the sand, carving a niche for himself as a corporate trainer and a motivational speaker who speaks from hands-on experience.

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Press from The Business Times (Friday, 3 June 2005) Cover Story

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Singapore-based Beautiful Minds has been running     team-bonding sandcastle building events for companies including Lexmark International (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Chervon Corp.

Founder Alvin Lee gives each team of eight to ten people three hours to build two meter-tall sandcastles on a beach that must, in some cases, incorporate their company logo. "What does a sand castle have to do with building teams? If a team builds one and the tower collapses, Its because the foundation wasn't strong enough," says Mr.Lee. So what is the foundation of your business?

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Press from The Wall Street Journal ASIA (Friday * Sunday * April 20 *22, 2007)


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“First Mover Framework helps innovator realize social enterprise concept”

In the late 1990s, Mr Alvin lee made headlines in Singapore and the United States for inventing a sandcastle-building system called Beach works.

An industrial engineer by training, Mr Lee wanted a sandcastle-building tool for his young son and niece. He could not find it anywhere in the world. The solution was to invent it himself. His creative journey to make Beach works a reality inspired him to think deeper about innovation. This, in turn, led him to the business idea of starting as centre devoted to organizing sandcastle-building activities that would foster bonding, social interaction and creativity. His intent was to run a social enterprise for the benefit of families and the underprivileged.

Article from PEP 10th Anniversary Commemorative Booket


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