Very fresh approach and interesting. Definitely, it has made the team spirit stronger both in and out of the office.

Training Workshop
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 11:10
Corporate Training: Beyond The Box™

A highly experiential and intense workshop on Creativity, Innovation & Enterprise, with the objective to establish a mental framework on: Personal Development and growth, Sources of Creativity, Motivation & inspiration to overcome mental mind blocks.

  • To understand the cycles of creativity & innovation
  • Draw out the personal latent potential in creativity and innovation
  • Harvest from an enormous pool of creative ideas
  • Establish a mental navigation system that guides ideas through to final utilization
  • Adopt hardy mindsets that overcomes all objections without compromising personal principles
  • Implement long-term actions plans with practical small steps
  • 7 Basic Principles of Creativity by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • The Innovation Cycle
  • Creativity Tool Kit
  • Creativity Teamwork
  • Inspirational case studies of real-life creativity processes and solution finding and forming
What our Customers are saying:

Alvin speaks from heartfelt experience and convictions that one must dare to dream and make it come true. The training resulted in some concrete improvement ideas we could sink our teeth into. Most of all, we found that the workshop was enjoyable, warm-hearted and enriching sessions, amidst much laughter and piggybacking on each other ideas. Alvin is a natural. Thank you.

-Principal, Shuqun Primary School

Corporate Training:

“Discover and Harness Your Hidden Potential”

Life is a Journey,
Searching for Home.

A high-energy workshop comprises sharing of personal desires & experiences, interactive activities and enlightening exercises, with the ultimate aim of discovering our inner desires and bringing it into action. Participants will experience a highly practical and personal interest into their renewed passion and regain self-orientation in their personal and working life.

  • Self realisation of our mental constraints
  • Self discovery of possiblities and attitudes
  • Awareness of motivating and de-motivating factors
  • Action plan for to live out our fullest potentials
  • The Principal of Possibilities
    "The Freedom to create what is not in existence"
  • Discovery of Self
    "All motivation begins with self"
  • Principle of 8 Desires
    "All Motivation Perserves with Persistent Desires"
  • Personal Management and Action Plans
    For Motivating and de-motivating factors
Corporate Management Facilitation Workshop:

Lessons from the Sands


To translate parallels from the lessons learnt in the process of sandcastle building into practical application for current organization challenges


Structured Group Reflection for in-depth application of lessons learnt. The groups will be formed as per morning session and following a loose-guided format.

It will follow closely to a project management framework with scenarios setting of anticipated problems and obstacles to overcome.

The learning officer in each group will lead the facilitation.


It will be an informal group setting with the objective of providing ample space and self-expression, yet within the confines of structure. E.g. Free-style discussion, starting with the end, or the middle or the beginning, up to the group. The aim is to encourage finding styles that best match their personality and preference.

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