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The universal appeal of building giant sandcastles in a pleasant beach setting does not require too much explanation or persuasion.  Away from the claustrophobic indoor environment, one tends to get the sense of freedom to create and build realistic sand architectures.  This primal innate sense of creation can only be matched with the meaningful building process and joy of achievement.


Through our rigorous customized program that is professionally crafted and conducted, the full flavor of the quality of learning can then only be realized.

This professional quality can only be achieved through the creation of a realistic parallel world that the sandcastle building process can draw from; and the follow through of skillful and precise facilitation of translating these learning lessons into application.


The true essence of any quality program is usually dependent on qualified instructors with passion and dedication.

As part of our international Castles Can Fly International program, we are very careful and particular with our licensee holders. For example, the successes of our programs are dependent on several key factors:

  • Passion, dedication and professionalism
  • Ability to learn Sand sculpture skill set
  • Affinity for outdoor experiential learning and facilitation
  • Event management and customized localization yet retention of its true essence

We have a highly customized licensee program that is tailored to suit the very precise nature of the international market. We are very aware of the fact that what works in Singapore, may or may not, work elsewhere.

This is the main mantra when we look for licensee partners to be qualified instructors.

Another important benefit to be part of Castles Can Fly International program is the opportunity to collaborate with our small but valuable networks of passionate and dedicated qualified instructors across Asia.

Our Castles Can Fly international network currently consists of :

  • Hong Kong
    • Learning Unlimited
    • Talent Hub
  • Penang
  • Brunei
  • Mauritius

We look forward to hearing from potential parties who might be interested to make a difference through outdoor experiential education.


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