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Registration No: 200501234D

A non-profit organization providing sandcastle teambuilding activities for children from under-privilege background, high-risk families and physically challenged conditions.

Our Vision

To bring meaning to the lives of children, who are less fortunate, in the following areas:

  • Achieving self-confidence
  • Learning to working together
  • Given room for self expression
  • Joy of Learning through experience
  • Love for the great outdoors
  • Self-believe through challenging tasks
  • Helping others

Our Goals:

To promote sandcastle-related activities with the following values:

  • Healthy outdoor family-bonding activities (Family)
  • Hands-on activities for Social interaction (Community)
  • Appreciation of beauty through the creation (Arts)

Our Purpose:

To create a community of volunteers sandcastle builders that can organize healthy outdoor activities for the children who are less fortunate.

Our Soul

We believe in the value of play, construction and imagination as vital parts of child’s education. Essentially, we are building something in our lives every day e.g. building relationships, products, services, confidence, capacity, etc., Translating the metaphor of building great sandcastles to lessons in our lives is what drives the soul of this organization.

Using basic elements of nature; sand and water and with simple tools and bare hands, the usage of physical labor becomes central to the process. Through play and imagination, we also hope to share inspiration, courage, perseverance and inventiveness along the way.

Our Challenge

Don’t be indifferent! You can touch a life and make a difference to another human being. Do something today so that we can leave the world a better place than when we found it.

Come, join us and build a sandcastle with a kid.

Our People

Founder: ALVIN LEE

Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Alvin Lee is the author of the book “Castles Can Fly”. It is about the joys and frustration of a fascinating journey with his son and niece. It’s about bringing to a reality a simple dream: a sandcastle toy called “Beachworks”.

This highly successful product won the prestigious US Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award in 1997 and the US national Parent Centre Award in 2000. Alvin has also been featured on television programs in the USA and Singapore, including MSNBC’s “TODAY SHOW” and MediaCorp’s “A Stroke of Genius”, “Talking Point” and “Good Morning, Singapore”.

Alvin Lee radiates an infectious spirit of possibilities.

Alvin Lee has an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Newcastle, a MBA from Henley Management College (UK) and more than 15 years of management experience in diverse industries, including Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Events & Exhibition and Internet start-ups.

He has started a journey, to reach out to the less fortunate children.

Will you join us?