Very fresh approach and interesting. Definitely, it has made the team spirit stronger both in and out of the office.

Company Profile
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 09:53

Since 2003, BEAUTIFUL MINDS is a founder-run boutique corporate training company that specializes in very precise experiential learning methods. One of our main specialty is 'CASTLES CAN FLY ™', program, a corporate teambuilding event using Beachworks tools.

The company is fully dedicated to provide quality corporate teambuilding that is respectful of high mental engagement; relevance to organizational challenges yet remains light-hearted and fun.

We have a small but dedicated training team of trainers and facilitators that will ensure personal touches for an authentic learning experience for all participants, at all times.

Due to our strength in very niche learning objectives, we are able to provide highly customized programs and services that will be felt deeply by the participants. We do not strive to be all things to all people.

As such, we are mostly referred through word of the mouth and personal endorsement. Heartfelt appreciation and genuine recommendation to others is what we are grateful for.


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